A Battle Between Thosaganth (Ravana), Phra Laksh (Lakshman), and Hanuman



A display of the Greatest Battle between three main characters in Thailand’s national epic, Ramakien (Ramayana). Phra Laksh (Lakshman), prosperity deity in yellow; and Hanuman, Lord of Monkey in white against Thosaganth (Ravana), green giant figure. Graceful intellectual achievement. Figures dress like real Khon, a famous Thai classical masked play. Replication of Khon to handmade small-scale visualizes an exquisite designs. Impressive traditional Thai art. Decorative gold foils, crystals and artificial gem stones. Softwood stand. In store/naraiphand.com only.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 x 29 x 45 cm
Product Code 1099236850001


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